How to Make Your Blog Web 2.0 Compliant

I have finally made it. The proof is the shiny new image on the right hand side of my blog. Convergence is now officially Web 2.0 compliant. Well, actually, I am only 44% compliant.

To get your official Web 2.0 certification, visit the folks at Certifyr. It is definitely a pretty nifty gimmick. You visit their site, provide some information about your website, and in return they give you back your compliance rating and a little HTML do-dad to put on your website.

This site was created by Adbrite, the self-styled “Internet’s Ad Marketplace.” My guess is that they created Certifyr so that bloggers (like me) would talk about it – potentially driving traffic to their main site and increasing their brand value. Well guys, if that was your goal then kudos to you. I had my fun. Ironically, Adbrite is only 38% Web 2.0 Compliant.

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