Android – A Google Acquisition I missed

I adjusted my Google Acquisition list to add Android, a former stealthy software startup that made software for mobile phones, and by making a slight correction for a double entry. For those of you that don’t get the mobile strategy that Google has been attacking, you should check out this statement is made on their corporate philosophy page:

5. You don’t need to be at your desk to need an answer.

The world is increasingly mobile and unwilling to be constrained to a fixed location. Whether it’s through their PDAs, their wireless phones or even their automobiles, people want information to come to them. Google’s innovations in this area include Google Number Search, which reduces the number of keypad strokes required to find data from a web-enabled cellular phone and an on-the-fly translation system that converts pages written in HTML to a format that can be read by phone browsers. This system opens up billions of pages for viewing from devices that would otherwise not be able to display them, including Palm PDAs and Japanese i-mode, J-Sky, and EZWeb devices. Wherever search is likely to help users obtain the information they seek, Google is pioneering new technologies and offering new solutions.

Anything else!? I am going to write about something non-google related next. Although that is becoming increasingly difficult as these guys have their hands in everything and anything on that has to do with pervasive computing and Web 2.0 these days.

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