9 Things Yahoo Thinks about Web 2.0

Tom Coates, one of the social software gurus over at Yahoo, recently posted these 9 points. I am glad to see that some pretty smart folks, at some pretty big firms, are starting to realize that the world is changing. The web is no longer a publication mechanism, it is a platform for services – whether you like it, or not.

Tom was kind enough to put up a presentation for folks to run through on his site. See the links below for the HTML and PDF versions of this presentation. It is actually pretty interesting, especially if you are new to the scene. I generally agree with the vision set forth in the presentation and some of the high-level technical assertions. However, I think that some ideas, such as the notion of the “hackable” URL, might need a bit more thought. More on that later though. Time for this web-slinger to get to bed. Take care fan-boys.

1. PDF Version

2. HTML Version

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  • Anonymous

    If you look at his slides announcement:
    it says:
    As usual I have to preface all of this stuff with the normal disclaimers. The views presented in this presentation do not necessarily represent the views of my employers.

    So it’s really what Tom thinks not Yahoo!

  • Hooman

    HA – I actually was thinking that someone might come back at me with that. I 100% agree that Yahoo has not formally backed this position and, thus, this is not “legally” what Yahoo thinks. However, if the guys that are ultimately responsible for driving innovation at Yahoo believe that this is the direction that the web is moving, then – ultimately – that is where the software will start to go. Accordingly, whether they formally think so, or not, this is representative of what Yahoo “thinks.” Does that make more sense? Regardless, I get your point. Thanks!