5 Tips for Creating a Popular Web 2.0 Service

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with some friends at a Pittsburgh-based start-up, Talkshoe. They are doing some pretty slick stuff that has the potential to change the way we communicate online. More on them later, as they are currently in stealth-mode (shhh).

After meeting with them, they asked me for some feedback pertaining to the release of a web-based service. Some of the points that I addressed were based on observations of Web 2.0 services (del.icio.us, technorati, youtube, meebo) that have seen some traction. As these are points generally applicable to most web-based service providers, I figured like any good Web-head, I would share with my friends online.

Many of these are “no-brainers,” but for some insane reason, some people have not taken the hint! Enjoy, fan-boys. Back to work for this web-slinger.

1. User Interface – Keep it simple. Keep it slick. Patience is short on the web.
2. Developers – Service can be mixed, remixed, and mixed some more. See the possibilities.
3. Tight Feedback Loop – Stay in tune with users and actively leverage feedback in order to…
4. Release fast, Release Well, Release Often – Users will unlock your true value.
5. Create HTML Do-Dads – Enable power users to cut-and-paste services to drive traffic.

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