153 Web 2.0 Services

I ran across a fairly comprehensive list of 153 services that fall under the Web 2.0 mast on Listible. There have been numerous attempts to list all the “Web 2.0 Services” on various blogs. This is extremely difficult given the fact that the definition of the term Web 2.0 is still rather amorphous (that is me being nice). If you are interested in keeping update on the newest information on products/services in the burgeoning Web 2.0 space, I recommend checking out Dion, Emily, Brian, Pete, or Mike’s Blogs. For those of you that have not checked out the Listable service out as yet, here is some info I snagged from their “About” section:

Listible is a new way to get relevant resources quickly.

By using Web 2.0 features such as AJAX, folksonomy (tagging), social elements such as voting/commenting and the listible’s listonomy (listing), resources can be sorted in a way that will be digestible. You can search what you need quick. You can contribute your resources easier.

I don’t know how I feel about Listible as yet, but definitely will follow up to what kind of traction they end up getting as they mature.

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