YubNub-A Command Line for the Web?

There have been a ton of web-based services popping up of late. Some of these services have been useful. Some of these services have been nothing but really fancy features. I have been tracking the proliferation of these services and, like any good geek, actively use many of them. One service that I have found to be incredibly useful is YubNub. YubNub is a command line interface to online web-services. If the web is a giant computer, think of YubNub as a type of terminal. The cool part is that the commands are generated by…you guessed it…people. YubNub is a great project and is most definitely endemic of the paradigm shift that is taking place as the web transforms into a computing platform. I will put up a list of all the “Web 2.0” services on the blog sometime soon. Back to work!

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  • Jonathan

    Hi Hooman – I’m thrilled to hear you find YubNub useful! I also use it frequently each day. It builds on the ideas of several others – notably Jon Udell’s mentionings of the “URL command line.”

  • Hooman

    Thanks for checking in. I definitely will continue to promote Yubnub as it has made my life way easier and is an important step towards a better web. Keep up the good work my friend.