Web 2.0 Del.icio.us "Buzz Meter"

I started to run this little experiment a couple weeks ago. I set up an RSS subscription in my Thunderbird Client to grab the documents that Del.icio.us users tagged with the term “Web2.0.” This was initially just for my daily research. However, I quickly became fascinated with the explosion in tagging activity and started to jot down the growth of tags, occasionally writing down the time, date, and tag count. I have listed my “findings” below. In summary the count has exploded from 406 on Oct 15 to nearly 5000 today (Nov 2). That is over a 10X increase in 2 weeks. This is by no means intended to be a proper experiment, as I have not instituted any formal controls. However, it is absolutely amazing to watch. I will occasionally post the results of my running experiment to this blog for you guys. If you are good I will even slap it into an Excel Graph for your visual pleasure. Have a good one fan-boys. Back to work for this Web-slinger. Be good.

Hoo-Experiment #846
Delicious Web 2.0 Tag Count

406 – Oct 15 @2:17PM

433 – Oct 15 @2:28PM

470 – Oct 15@4:36PM

485 – Oct 15@5:20PM

506 – Oct 15@6:30PM

540 – Oct 15@9:39PM

723 – Oct 16@10:41PM

800 – Oct 16@11:57PM

921 – Oct 17 @3:12PM

998 – Oct 17@7:01PM

1028 – Oct 18@2:29PM

1160 – Oct 18@11:21PM

1258 – Oct 18@9:47PM

1594 – Oct 21@2:45PM

2230 – Oct 23@2:52PM

2572 – Oct 24@12:07PM

2624 – Oct 24@4:33PM

2666 – Oct 24@9:51PM

2937 – Oct 26@11:32AM

3266 – Oct 27@10:29AM

3311 – Oct 27@11:07AM

4366 – Oct 31@10:25AM

4975 – Nov 2,@9:03AM

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  • Dan Grossman

    Services like Delicious and Digg are great for discovering early trends–but I bet spammers are going to muck things up as more mainstream users begin to use social bookmarking sites as part of their daily lives. Anyway, it’s interesting to see how certain trends take off…