Web 2.0 Buzz Meter Part Deux

As promised, I am starting to actually graph the increasing proliferation of the “Web2.0” tag on the ever popular del.icio.us social bookmarking site. I will probably start to be a bit more strict about when I take measurements, etc. I think in a couple months this graph may look really interesting. In particular, as the next round of VC backed Web 2.0 folks start to emerge I think we will see some neat patterns emerging in tag growth. There do seem to be a couple places where use grows a bit faster. Check out October 15th and November 9thish. It might be interesting to comb through the news and see if there were any events that may have triggered the change. Anyway, enjoy the funtastic graph. I will post something a bit more thought-provoking (depends who you ask) later! For now, this web-slinger needs to get back to work. Later fan-boys.

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