Bitcoin – the New Standard for the Black Market?

3 May


Bitcoin has big challenges ahead, but it also has big promise.   While the economic rationale from leveraging Bitcoin commercially is sound, the success of Bitcoin will ultimately be driven by its traction in a single market – the Black Market.

Bitcoin’s Trillion Dollar Challenge

2 May



Bitcoin is all the rage.  Heralded by some as the third wave of currency, this new P2P network+currency is being hailed as a disruptive force not only to the payments space, but as an existential threat to the idea of modern government.   And currency disruption is a big deal.   There are over 3 trillion US Dollar, Euro Coin and Yen in circulation today.  While Bitcoin represents a massive economic opportunity, ranging from trading to Bitcoin mining, the market has to overcome a fundamental hurdle before it becomes a real currency – volatility.

Thumb Pay

27 Dec


From Square to Google Wallet, the race is on to remove your wallet from the payment equation. I’m excited for this future, but am already eagerly awaiting the next natural step in payments – biometric payment networks.

I’d love it if retailers had a hardware/software platform that leveraged some combination of biometric data – such as a finger print coupled with an image of my face – to enable me to purchase goods and services. For concerned citizens that want additional security, you could even have an optional password to provide some extra peace of mind.

Christmas Card in Code

26 Dec


Was feeling nerdy and holiday-ish.  Couldn’t hit everyone up with my love, so please follow this psuedo-code to get your personalized holiday greeting. Enjoy!


int friend = size.friendList();

while (friend > 0){

System.out.println(“Dear, ” + getName.friendList(friend));

if (getReligion.friendList(friend) == ‘Christian’){

System.out.println(“Wishing you a Merry Christmas!”);



System.out.println(“Wishing you a Happy Holiday!”);




System.out.println(“Have a wonderful 2013! Love, Me”);



Sharing Trends in 2012 – Pinterest Sharing Explodes 379,559%

22 Dec


Check out sharing trends in 2012 from AddThis. Psy crushed it, Reddit beat Google+ in sharing growth and – yes – Pinterest sharing grew a ton (understatement). This is not a glitch in the Matrix. Happy holidays.


Big Money, Big Following: Net Worth of the 20 Most Followed People on Twitter

3 Dec


What do the top twenty Twitter users have in common?  They’re rich – like really rich.

I recently spent some time on Twitaholic, curious to see if there was a common thread among the top twitter accounts.  Upon inspection there was one fact that stuck out.  The mean net worth of  the twenty top accounts (excluding companies) was $230M.  I found the net worth info on Celebrity Net Worth. The median was $85M.   Selina Gomez (#19) at brought up the rear at $4M, while Oprah Winfrey (#12) led the pack at $2.7B.    Also of note was Barack Obama (#5) who is worth a cool $11.8M.

20 Things I’m Thankful for as an Entrepreneur

2 Jul

I’ve had the good fortune to have some time on my hands of late. And like the child of two psychiatrists should, and is uncontrollably compelled to do, I’ve spent a great deal of time reflecting on my experience.  AddThis (formerly Clearspring) was not only my first start-up, but was also my first job.

Looking Back – You’ve Got Mail

3 Jan


Like many people, I’ve been spending time reflecting on the past year as I set my goals for 2012.  Also like most people, I’m working with the television in the background. Right now, I’m watching ‘You Got Mail.’   Yes I like romantic comedies.  Laugh it up.   As it happens, this movie is strangely appropriate given the reflective exercise that I’m now undertaking.

31 Lessons at 31

27 Sep


  1. Nothing is permanent.
  2. Everything is a matter of perspective.
  3. We all want to be happy.
  4. The path to happiness is in self-discovery.
  5. You’re in the driver’s seat.
  6. Keep it simple.
  7. Enjoy the ride.
  8. Always improve.
  9. Don’t worry, we all end up in the same place.
  10. Do something you fear ever day.
  11. It’s only when we lose everything that we’re free to do anything.
  12. Move confidently in the direction of your dreams.
  13. Run through the finish line.
  14. Everybody wants to be happy.

Summer 2011 – Rise of the Nerd (Movies)

14 Mar


Friends, Countrymen, Nerds – this summer is the one we’ve all  been waiting for.  This is the summer for nerds (at least  nerd movies).  This May-July, the silver screen will be graced with Thor, Pirates of the Carribean IV, X-Men First Class, Green Lantern, Transfers III, the final Harry Potter and – of course – Captain America.  See below for my Nerd MovieFest itinerary, complete with movie release dates and trailers.  Hope you’re as excited as I am!


5/6/11 – Thor

5/20/11 – Pirates of the Carribean, On Stranger Tides